Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? A single decision, altering your future. An unknown force, pulling the strings of our lives. A puppeteer seamlessly telling a story of our routine lives. Stringing together one subconscious decision after another in order to create something either beautiful or tragic. Or beautifully tragic.

A one year transfer.

A yes…then a no.

A realization too little, too late.

A class and a roster left unseen.


Different strings pulled. So many paths taken, at times twisting and leading in different directions, to finally bring you to a destination. Decision, after decision, from you, and me, from them, to you and I again.

At certain moments, the path diverges. It gets bumpy, windy, sometimes dangerous and we think we’ve lost our way. But we find our way back with direction and hope.

Believing in fate. That gives me hope. The puppet master will pull the strings once more, and we will be on to the next destination. Decision, after decision, after decision.

Thank you, 135.

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