What’s your sign?

Last week I saw an article someone posted on Facebook. It was a zodiac sign post (I know, I know, how accurate can that be?). Turns out for a few people I know (including myself), pretty freaking accurate. So accurate in fact, I audibly GASPED. I was affronted. I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and cry after reading this.

The theme of the article was ‘what are your biggest flaws based on your zodiac sign.’ My birthday is towards the end of October, so I am a Libra. The main thing I got from this article was that whoever wrote it HATES Libras and wants to see them suffer. I thought it was going be more broad and ambiguous, but this hit piece pierced my soul. Absolutely shattered me to the core.

“Libra you’re annoying because you’re indecisive and codependent as hell” (Vela, 2019). OKAY, Vela. First of all, screw you and second of all, I hate you because you are right. It is hard when someone accurately points out some of your biggest flaws. Being indecisive and codependent are so accurate it hurts.

I am such a sucker for pleasing people it sucks. I will say and do what makes people happy, even if it isn’t what I believe in or want to do. I will even say or do conflicting things, depending on who I am with. I need to grow a pair and be my own person. Sometimes I don’t know what I want – whether it is want I want for dinner or certain behavior I want from my boyfriend. It’s horrible. I need to take a step back and think: what will make me happy? What do I actually believe in?

If you are a Libra, you are flaky with your friendships that do not involve your boyfriend. Ouch. Self care? Never heard of her. My friends hate me for it, but I am close to my boyfriend. He is my best friend and vice versa. But he and I need our space sometimes, as every kind of relationship does. I have gotten better about pulling away once and a while. I need to improve on doing things for myself and making myself happy. Doing activities that improve myself; hanging out with my girlfriends when I can get the chance, working out alone, writing, things that are dependent from him that make me happy.

While I was blown away from the accuracy of this, I also needed it. It was a nice wake up call to never stop improving, because when I am working on myself, I am not only making myself better, but I am also improving the relationships that I have with the people who are close to me.

If you are interested in your flaws and want to trigger yourself today, check out the article below. Mind you, there may not be any truth behind it, but it hit me spot on, so you determine whether it’s true or not after you read about your sign.

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