Wait, Its Been How Long?

My boyfriend, Adam, has been a vegetarian for six months now. You may be thinking, “Okay, how is this relevant.” This little tidbit was first-sentence worthy because he has been monetarily-motivated to be a vegetarian for this long. Which, after discussing his idea of creating his own blog in the hopes of making some extra doe (crossing my fingers it’s money to buy that RING), I decided if I really want to commit to writing and also having my own money-making hobby, I needed to put some cash on the line.

That’s right, ya girl bought her own domain. Not really sure what all that will entail, but it’s making me, and my hobby, official. It is also holding me accountable for you know, writing more and doing such things to earn that extra money. It hasn’t been *that* long since I logged in here and wrote. According to my drafts, the last time was in March. So, alright, a little over 8 ish months (not sure, I’m not good at math).

However, I am back and I am back for good. I have more free-time to dedicate to this and motivation from my roomie (Adam). Yes, if you go back and re-read my old blogs, a *lot* has changed. Some good, some bad, and some sad. When I filled out the little box asking me why I wanted to be a big girl and buy a domain, I said I wanted to write and relate to other humans, while also promoting and marketing products and services that I like. I want to write about my relationship, my experiences as being an adoptee, being a child of an alcoholic, and so much more. I want to be transparent with my readers, whether it is through my writings or future marketing endeavors.

So here we are. It is almost 2020, coming up on a year since my 2019 new years’ resolutions. I will admit, I never lost the weight, I probably didn’t accomplish half of the things I wanted to. But isn’t that what resolutions are all about? Not accomplishing what you set out to do, but tackling and meeting the unexpected. This is what this blog is going to be like: tackling the unexpected in life and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. Helping them seek out help, give them a few laughs, and getting them to nod along and think, “same, girl, same.”

I am looking forward to this next adventure. Hopefully I am as successful at this than Adam is at being a vegetarian.

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