About ME

Whether you got here accidentally or with a purpose, welcome. I appreciate your boredom and curiosity. While I have you here, I may as well get ya hooked! I’m Katie. I’m from the Midwest – Dayton, Ohio to be specific. If you are from North Carolina and say you are “first in flight,” I will fight you.

I am now in Boston, a step or two above Dayton. While I can move away from my hometown, I can’t run away from myself. Hence, the blog. Now, I won’t sit here and lie, I wanna make money. I, like any other millennial, want to make money the hard way through technology and social media. However, I do want to help people and relate to some who may be going through, or have gone, through similar life experiences.

My overall goal is to review products and services that can help people, for example, adoptees, children of alcoholics, those with anxiety or people in relationships. That is what I plan on writing about and sharing with the whole world, what I have dealt with and potentially things that can help (i.e, books, podcasts, etc.).

I am very excited about this next adventure in my life and who knows! Maybe this will take me places.

Thanks for sticking with me through this XOXO


Let’s build something together.